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    Monday, December 4, 2018 - Friday, January 4, 2019




    Dear Vallejo City Unified School District Stakeholders,


    The Vallejo City Unified School District (VCUSD) is committed to ensuring that we fully implement our Local Control and Accountability Plan. The three LCAP goals are:


    Goal 1: Increase parent and community engagement in improving student outcomes.

    Goal 2: Create safe, supportive and engaging learning environments for students and staff.

    Goal 3: Increase the number of students graduating college and career ready.


    In order for these goals to be implemented throughout the District, we need to be fiscally solvent. Currently VCUSD is facing a $22 million structural deficit. This deficit is the result of the following factors: declining enrollment, high chronic absentee rates, rising health and benefits contributions and the encroachment of charter schools. Twenty years ago, VCUSD had a population of approximately 20,000 students and 22 schools. Today, our student enrollment is under 12,000, yet we continue to operate 22 schools.


    In order to address this deficit, the VCUSD Governing Board and I are faced with extremely difficult decisions. I am working with staff to present a series of budget enhancements and reductions to the Governing Board that are necessary in order to balance our budget.


    In January, I will be recommending the consolidation of two schools and the relocation of a third. First, I will recommend that Elsa Widenmann Elementary and Solano Middle School be consolidated to form a single K-8 program at the Solano campus. VCUSD currently operates four successful K-8 schools. These schools are Cave Dual Language Academy, Mare Island Health and Fitness, Loma Vista Environment Science, and Vallejo Charter School.  The proposed new K-8 school on the Solano campus will have the opportunity to emerge as a theme or magnet school with an overarching academic focus.


    The second recommendation that I will make to the Governing Board is to relocate John Finney Continuation High School to the previous Vallejo Middle School site located at 1347 Amador Street. This school site is more centrally located and will offer our students more opportunities for supportive services.


    In November, Vallejo residents approved Measure S, a $194 million facilities bond. These funds can only be used to improve our aging and deteriorating facilities. It is imperative that we consolidate school sites before we begin to implement our facilities master plan and start construction projects.


    These decisions are not easy, and I am quite sure there are many questions and concerns. As a District, we must live within our financial means and must begin to operate the appropriate number of schools in relation to our student enrollment. I will schedule parent and community meetings at the effected school sites in January. Again, this is a very difficult process; however, it is absolutely necessary to ensure the future success of our students.


    Thank you,


    Dr. Adam Clark





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